Aviation science camp
By making and flying an airplane, you will feel a sense of accomplishment, and you will be able to learn aeronautical knowledge naturally while enjoying classes.
It is Korea’s best aviation gifted education program to raise problem-solving ability and creativity through mission and production.
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It is safe to use foam board material
There is a risk of injury if a fast-flying vehicle collides with children,
It is safe to use and anyone can easily make it through the manual
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Beginners can easily make it without difficulty
Anyone can make it with Woodlock Bond and tape. After one year, you can upgrade to RC (Radio Control), a 2-3 year program course.
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You can participate in various competitions and camps
1. Science Exploration Camp for Youth (Aerospace Competition)
– Education Minister Scholarship 2
2. Participation in various residents’ associations, cities and local conventions

Dinosaur Expedition
In the story, we see, hear, feel, and appreciate nature’s natural action.
It is a living exhibition experience in which imagination and imagination live in preparing for the future and preparing for our future.
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Participating Programs
– A fun and exciting experience
– Impressive experience of dinosaurs
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It is not only a simple information offering, but also a fun and exciting educational method
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You can participate in various competitions and camps
Children’s theme experience related to exhibitions that have never been held in Korea. Easy to understand and interesting guide for any age