You can learn systematically from the foundation of the model to the intermediate course by training the intermediate modeler who produces and processes the model.
The use of Gundam as a diocese, the use of harmful adhesives and paints, and the manufacture of original Gundam by Bandai
It is safe to use the product.
Program Features
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Highly diverse parish classes
Gundam plastic model with high preference to children as main diocese. The parish paper Gundam adds the fun of class
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I am the plamodel master!
We learn the various model processing techniques and develop the modeler’s ability
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Step-by-step lessons at any time
In the form of creating your own parish in stages, there is no difficulty in class even if you take classes in the middle
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Perfect from beginning to end
Diorama creates a scene by setting up a model on the background
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It’s not a simple education, but a custom parish pool learning!
It is not a class that mainly uses textbooks, but an everyday educational activity through learning logbooks every hour
Program Effect

A child with low concentration is also immersed in what he likes.
Plastic modeling requires a lot of hands and concentration, but repeating hand-made activities during the growing season will have a positive impact on brain development.
Repetition of this process improves three-dimensional feeling, formative feeling, compositional power, and spatial perception ability, and you can feel a strong sense of accomplishment each time you complete a work.