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Software is the core of national competitiveness that prepares for the fourth industrial revolution era.
You need to educate yourself to develop your thinking power, not just to make software. How do you study the coding you need to make software?
It is easy to make programs with a mouse, and
it is effective to learn both Arduino and Scratch together so that you can concentrate more on real moving objects.

Program Features
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Easy and fun to learn coding
Unlike text coding, it is easy to make block coding,
It is fun to teach
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From basic to application, you can create your favorite programs
Learn about Arduino through scratch and learn how to work with software and think
Helps you create programs that you want to build with your power and use it in a variety of ways
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You can create and study with the kit provided
With the Arduino kit, you can simply make it without any other ingredients.
When purchasing textbooks, you do not have to worry about which materials to buy
Program Training Contents
Scratch + entry basic course
1 Basic knowledge of electronic circuits
2 Blinking LED
3 Making games using LEDs 1,2
4 Light sensor and piezo buzzer
5 Aduino signal light
6 Line tracer
7 Autonomous vehicle
coding book


coding Kit