drone aircraft


Program Effect

We provide the best Educational Aircraft Program in Korea. Making an aircraft gives huge achievement, while having delectable class, that will also naturally gain aircraft knowledge. Through different missions and making processes it will develop the Problem solving ability.


Program Features
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It is safe to use foam board material
There is a risk of injury if a fast-flying vehicle collides with children,
It is safe to use and anyone can easily make it through the manual
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Beginners can easily make it without difficulty
Anyone can make it with Woodlock Bond and tape. After one year, you can upgrade to RC (Radio Control), a 2-3 year program course.
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You can participate in various competitions and camps
1. Science Exploration Camp for Youth (Aerospace Competition)
– Education Minister Scholarship 2
2. Participation in various residents’ associations, cities and local conventions
Step-by-step training program
⌈   beginner   ⌋
Electric motor plane
Basic Theory of Aviation
⌈   Middle class   ⌋
Wing striker
RC Plane
⌈   Advanced   ⌋
Bluetooth Plane

drone program imageElectric motor plane

drone program imageGlider

drone program imageRubber energy Plane

drone program imageRocket

drone program imageTheory of Aircraft

drone program imageWing Striker

drone program imageRC